The Book on Optical Network Control

The guide to optical network control! For a full description of the text please see the following pdf file book info.

G. M. Bernstein, B. Rajagopalan, D. Saha, Optical Network Control: Architecture, Protocols, and Standards, 2004, Addision-Wesley.

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Supplementary Materials

Chapter 11 -- Route Computation and Path Selection
In addition to covering route computation this chapter also illustrates network optimization. In particular, we show how optical network optimization can be formulated as a multi-commodity flow problem. We then illustrate this with a few examples. Since these problems, when formulated, consist of a great number of equations, equation generating languages such as AMPL are used. The model code for the example in the book and the data for the examples in the book are available in the files below:

Chinese Language Edition

A Chinese language version of the book is available. International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 978-7-115-15286. The book is published in China by the Posts and Telecommunications Press The chinese language book site is