Grotto Networking provides consulting, development, and education services to a wide range of customers, industries and institutions. Our consultants have experience teaching electrical engineering and computer science at undergraduate and graduate levels and have even worked with (tutored) high school students in client and server web development. A list of college level courses that we have recently taught is posted in the courses section of this site.

We have extensive experience is data analysis, software development, design and analysis of networks and networking equipment. We have provided consulting services to equipment vendors, network carriers, government agencies, and the investment community.

As an example of some of our data visualization work see our web app that summarizes and displays GPS sailing tracks. For a larger web app we developed for teaching networking and aiding network analysis and optimization see ComNetViz. To find out more about how Grotto Networking can help you with your projects send us an email.

About us...

Greg Bernstein, Ph.D. Founder and Principal Consultant - Dr. Bernstein has over 25 years of experience in developing communication systems and networks. His unique background ranges from teaching networking and computer science, to hands on data analysis and visualization, to the creation and direction of large software teams for telecommunication products, to cutting edge research in packet switching and satellite communication systems. In addition Dr. Bernstein has been a key participant in many telecommunication standard bodies including the IETF, OIF and ITU-T organizations. His development experience on the first and most widely deployed modern optical switch that incorporated a full fledged control plane gives him a practical perspective that can be very rare in the world of standards and marketing hype.

Previously, Dr. Bernstein was a Senior Technology Director at CIENA Corporation, and Director of all software development at Lightera Networks (acquired by Ciena in 2000; the Lightera product was renamed the Ciena CoreDirector transport switch and has seen worldwide deployment). Prior to joining Lightera Networks, Dr. Bernstein was a senior manager at Northern Telecom, specializing in new product development in the areas of ATM and Internet Protocol. Dr. Bernstein has filed numerous US patents in the areas of optical networking, packetized voice, congestion control and encryption. Dr. Bernstein was previously involved in the development of a fiber based digital video distribution system, he developed spread spectrum satellite communication systems and ran two DARPA sponsored advanced research contracts. Dr. Bernstein has published several papers appearing in IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Network Magazine, ACM Sigcom, IEEE Transaction on circuits and systems, IEEE transactions on Communications, IEEE InfoCom and IEEE MilCom conferences. Dr. Bernstein is currently associate editor for standards for IEEE Optical Communications Magazine (a quarterly supplement to IEEE Communications magazine).

About Our Name

Grotto Networking is named after our ancestral family restaurant. Bernstein's Fish Grotto founded by my grandfather in 1907 and run by my family until 1982. The restaurant was located at 123 Powell Street in down town San Francisco near the Powell and Market street Cable Car turn around. Whether you need just a little consulting or you need extensive longer term consulting Grotto Networking is pleased to be of service.