GitHub Class Room

Dr. Greg Bernstein

August 5th, 2019

GitHub/Git for Class

GitHub Accounts

  • Sign up for a free GitHub account
  • This is also needed when working with many open source projects

Establishing the Remote Project Repository

  • To establish your private remote assignment repository we will give students a special URL via Blackboard.

  • This URL will create a private project repository for you on GitHub associated with our class and your GitHub account.

Join Roster

Let me know if you don’t see your NetID, continue anyway

Join Roster
Join Roster

Accepting the Invitation

Example Assignments Repository
Example Assignments Repository

Repo Creation 1

Assignment Repo Creation 1
Assignment Repo Creation 1

Repo Creation 2

Assignment Repo Creation
Assignment Repo Creation

The Remote Repository

Not the same repo that you will get

Example Assignments Project Repository
Example Assignments Project Repository

Working Procedures

Cloning the Remote

Cloning information
Cloning information

Local Cloning Commands

Local Cloning
Local Cloning

Make Edits

Including removing, creating files and dirs

After changes
After changes

Commit and Push

  • Commit changes locally via the commit command
  • Push changes to the remote via the push command

Commit and Push


Forgot to add image directory

Commit and Push (again)

View at the Remote

Remote Repository View

  • Students will get private repositories that are share with instructor
  • I can visit your repository to see all your files and
  • Example Repo

Assignment Submission


  • We will use a different git branches for each assignment.

  • The first assignment will use the default master branch.

  • Git commit hashes are timestamped and these are used to determine if an assignment is on time.

Commit Hashes

Homework 1 Submission

Creating a Branch for a new Assignment

  • Make sure repo/working files are sync’d with git status. Fix things up otherwise.

  • Checkout to a new branch git checkout -b anotherHomework

New Assignment Branch

Work on that Branch

  • Make your commits
  • Do your pushes
  • First push with new branch will cause and error, git tells you what to do

New Branch first Push

Remote Branches View

Homework > 1 Submission