1 Weekly Materials (Fall 2019)

1.1 Week 16

1.2 Week 15:

Thanksgiving Break

1.3 Week 14:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #11 Last One Ever

1.4 Week 13:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #10

1.5 Week 12:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #9

1.6 Week 11:

Lecture Slides:

No Assignment: Study for Week 12 Midterm.

1.7 Week 10:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #8

1.8 Week 9:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #7

1.9 Week 8:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #6

1.10 Week 7:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #5

1.11 Week 6:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: No Assignment: Study for the midterm in week #7

1.12 Week 5:

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework #4

1.13 Week 4

Lecture Slides:

CSS Review:

Assignment: Homework #3

1.14 Week 3

Lecture Slides:

Review Slides:

Assignment: Homework 2

1.15 Week 2

Lecture Slides:

Assignment: Homework 1

1.16 Week 1

Lecture Slides:

2 Miscellaneous Materials

Here you will find links to various course materials and such. This page will be updated frequently during the course.

2.1 Static Deployment Environment

For deploying our static website we will be using the departments Linux server: csweb01.csueastbay.edu.

Each student has an login/account corresponding that corresponds to their student ID. Suppose your student ID is abc123 then your login on the server would be abc123@ad. Your password is your university password.

Remote Login To remotely login to you account you use software that provides a command line like interface and uses the secure shell protocol. On a system with OpenSSH client software installed you can login using the following command in a terminal window:

ssh csweb01.csueastbay.edu -l abc123@ad

Where you need to substitute your student ID for abc123.

On Windows machines another popular option is the Putty.

File Transfer

To make use of the hosting service provided by the CS department we need to be able to transfer files from the machine that you are developing on to you account on the server. We will use the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). There is a command line client, sftp, available from OpenSSH. However there are many GUI based clients that are much easier to work with such as FileZilla (multi-platform) and WinSCP (Windows only).

You will want to upload you site files to the public html directory in your account.

Making HTTP Requests

You can then point your browser to http://csweb01.csueastbay.edu/~abc123/SomeFile.html. Where you substitute you student ID for abc123 and the name/path to your file for SomeFile.html.