1 DOM Topics: Readings and References

2 DOM Basics and Fundamental Interfaces

2.1 Introduction to the DOM

Introduction to the DOM. Fundamental. Topics covered: - What is the DOM?, DOM and JavaScript - Accessing the DOM, important Datatypes - DOM interfaces and objects, Core interfaces.

2.2 Key DOM Interfaces

Make we will need to understand the key features of the following interfaces:

2.3 DOM Manipulation with Plain JavaScript

Here we see what we can do without any extra libraries but with modern JavaScript in a modern Browser.

3 DOM Events

  • A good Introduction to DOM Events from Smashing Magazine. Hits key issues. Topics covered:

    • Listening for DOM events; add and remove listeners
    • Maintaining Callback Context: the perils of this and how to fix it.
    • The Event object and what's in it.
    • Event phases: capture, target, and bubbling.
    • Stopping propagation, and default browser behavior
    • Custom Events, Delegate event listeners, Some useful events.
  • Events and the DOM. Fundamental, but a bit too short. Topics covered:

  • Registering event listeners: addEventListener method, HTML attribute, DOM element property.
  • Accessing event interfaces

  • DOM Reference.

3.1 Special Purpose APIs (optional material)

  1. Intro to Web Audio